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Organize your documents and Research papers with Mendeley

Mendeley Desktop is a free desktop application(and web service ?) aimed at helping you organize and manage your collection of documents and research papers, primarily aimed at researchers Mendeley allows one to create a bibliography database of the research papers and documents.Mendeley is strongly integrated with the web and through a service named Mendeley Web allows you to upload 500MB(for a free account) of documents online to your account , allowing you to access them freely from any place.

Mendeley was founded in London and its working team includes , former chairman of "" , founding engineers of Skype and people from some of the better universities of the world.
Mendeley, though is not open source but is available for Windows, Mac OS X and the Linux operating systems.

If you have used , which to an extent has revolutionized music social networking(if that term even exists that is) ,allowing you to find tracks that you might like based on your playlists…

Wbar - Attractive lightweight application launcher for Desktop Linux

Its been some time since I have posted anything on my blog, which has to do a lot with my hectic study schedule. In case you still enjoy reading posts on my blog , mail me @ blogambuj( at {no spam} ) with :) as subject line. This , should be encouragement enough for me to keep writing and updating this blog more frequently.

Anyway, earlier in one of my posts I had reviewed Avant Window navigator which provided Mac OS X like dock bar. Also , I had reviewed gOS some time back, it had wonderful application launcher at the bottom iBar. Now, in this post I discuss extremely lite,attractive and modern looking application launcher wbar. wbar is very similar to gOS iBar. Even though I don't particularly like writing about eye candy, still, considering the number of emails I get from people requesting more of such posts, I am going to write about this one.

Wbar is an extremely good looking application launcher(Note: It is a application launcher and not a dock) and provides an…

Configuring Reliance NetConnect on Ubuntu 9.04

Important: This post is for people living in India , using Reliance Netconnect and Huawei CDMA modem only.

Finally after spending close to six months in University, am back home. Now, at home my dad uses Reliance Netconnect ISP for Internet. It is extremely simple to configure Reliance Netconnect on Windows, as Reliance provides a very simple installer for modem as well as dialer which configures the connection, but it is bit tricky to do so if you are using one of the variants of Linux.

Now, in this tutorial I have tried explaining how to configure Reliance Netconnect on Ubuntu 9.04(though with slight modifications you should be able to configure Reliance Netconnect on any Linux distro by following these steps).

Installing wvdial

wvdial is dialer that allows you to connect to internet through a modem establishing a point to point link. Now for some strange reason( or perhaps because few people actually use dial up based internet connection) wvdial is not bundled with Ubuntu 9.04.

If yo…

Browser Update : Opera 10 beta and Google Chrome

Past few weeks saw lot of activity in Linux Internet Browser sphere, finally after waiting almost an year; an early alpha developer version of WebKit based Google Chrome was made available. Also, Opera released beta version of their popular web-browser, Opera 10 Beta.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome was released almost an year back with much fanfare, it was initially available only for Microsoft Windows and Google promised to develop Linux and Mac OS X version of the web-browser. In the mean time , people eager to try Google Chrome on Linux and Mac OS X had to resort to version of Chrome running atop translation layer Wine and infact Codeweavers, released a package combining WINE and Google Chrome together for Linux. This , though worked was extremely slow, was bugged and provided no real benefit over native Linux web browser like Konquereor , Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

Now , after almost an year of development , controversy; Early Pre Alpha build of Google Chrome ( Chromium) is out!. I mana…

Relive old NES days with Secret Maryo Chronicles

Mario Bros and Super Mario has been one of the most popular games in computer games/console games history. The story of character Mario , who tries to save princess in Mushroom land has been like a legend in the video game world. I still fondly remember spending my childhood playing these awesomely made games day and night out (along with another awesome computer game Price of Persia :P) on my black and white television.

Since then i.e 1980's and early 1990's computer gaming has changed a lot. We have powerful consoles which boast of Cell architecture processors and almost life like , photo - realistic graphics in games. I do play the likes of World of Warcraft , Counter Strike or even Spore :P but I still miss doze good old NES games, games which were not complicated , were innocently simple.

Now , there are couple of ways to actually run those old games , you can use an SNES/NES emulator to run those old ROM's if you manage to get them i.e or you could play one of the port…

A Look at Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope"

First of all , I am sorry for taking hiatus from blogging, I was having my End Semester examination and hence wasn't able to devote much time to Blogging. Anyway , couple of days back Cannonical came out with new release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" and being ardent follower of Ubuntu, I decided to take a look at some of the exciting new features in Ubuntu 9.04.

Ubuntu 9.04 does not boast of ground breaking or earth shattering new features but instead tries to be as simple as possible. Infact , compared to previous releases of Ubuntu it might be one of the least radical release.Ubuntu 9.04 is more of an update to the earlier release of Ubuntu. Though , there have been some significant changes in Ubuntu 9.04 which I try highlighting here.

I tried installing Ubuntu 9.04 on my Intel 965GM graphic chipset based laptop , only to discover that I was getting awful frame rate while playing HD or even Sub-HD videos. After spending some time on Google and Ubuntu for…

Easily Convert and Encode videos with Handbrake

Handbrake has been one of the more user friendly tools available on Windows and Linux for ripping DVD's and converting them to mp4 format. However , handbrake has been available on Linux as a command line application and did not support converting videos to lets say a format that could be easily played on Portable Meda Players. Handbrake with version 0.9.3 on Linux is available with a GTK+ based graphical frontend and supports a number of different video formats as source, allowing one to convert these video formats into format suitable to be played on your PMP's like Apple iPod.

Installing HandBrake

It is extremely easy to install HandBrake on Ubuntu 8.10 , HandBrake provides easily installable .deb file for Ubuntu 8.10. To install HandBrake issue the following command in the terminal window (Application -> Accessories -> Terminal)
sudo dpkg -i HandBrake-0.9.3-Ubuntu_GUI_i386.debThis should install Hand…

Scan for Viruses under Linux with AVG Free Antivirus

Most of us run multiple Operating Systems on our PC's and are connected to LAN with machines running different Operating Systems. Now, Linux even though is sort of immune to viruses (there are few viruses, and Linux can get infected ) most of Desktop Linux users don't need Anti virus tool, but there are people who run Windows and there are umpteen number of Viruses, Worms and Trojans for Windows and removing them can be difficult.

Running Antivirus tool on Linux can be especially helpful in such cases , searching and removing viruses from a different Operating System would definitely help speed up the process and prevent Viruses from interfering with AntiVirus's scan process, also for PC's connected to LAN, Anti virus for Linux could detect any virus laden file transfer prompting one to take appropriate action and prevent virus from spreading to other PC's on the LAN.

There are couple of AntiVirus tool available on Linux, and in this article I would look into AVG F…

Open Multiple Terminals in Single Window using Terminator

While programming I have often found myself switching between terminals, debugging and compiling program in one terminal , looking up man pages in other and modifying source code in the other. I have always wished somehow I could avoid this nuisance of switching and juggling between terminals . Terminator is an application that might just solve this problem.

Terminator allows you to open multiple terminal in a single window , each of these terminals are independent of other, and one can easily switch between these terminals by clicking on the terminal you want to use.

Terminator does not come pre-installed on Ubuntu, but is available in the repositories and can be easily installed by issuing the following command in the terminal window :
sudo apt-get install terminator

Once, Terminator is installed you can launch it from (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminator)

When you first launch Terminator , it looks like your normal Terminal window(by normal I mean without multiple termina…

Create Screencasts with recordMyDesktop

Screencasts are an important and user friendly way of demonstrating application capabilities and explaining them. Screencasts in lame man terms are video of desktop/application allowing you to demonstrate it's capabilities to people who might not be running the application or might not be running a computer at all.

Now , I have been working on an application for some time now I wanted to show it's features and capabilities to few of my friends but I was unwilling to share pre-alpha code with them. So , I decided to Screencast my application and share this Screencasted video with them. While searching for right Screencasting application , I discovered an extremely simple , small and functional application called recordMyDesktop.

recordMyDesktop is a command line application that allows you to record entire desktop , a portion of desktop or activities in a particular window as a (.ogv) file. However , since most people might find command line cryptic, there is also a graphical fr…

Take and Manage Screenshots easily with Shutter

Shutter is a simple application that allows you to take, manage and store screen shots. One might ask, What is the need for a separate application to take screen shots when we can easily take screen shot using Print-screen. Shutter is a huge improvement over Print-screen approach , Shutter offers number of features and improvements over the conventional Print-screen approach.

Installing Shutter

To install shutter issue the following commands in the terminal (Application -> Accessories -> Terminal ) window. These commands would add repository of shutter to your local list of repositories and allow you to download and install shutter using apt-get command or synaptic package manager.

NOTE: The commands are for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex only for other version of Ubuntu or Distributions see Shutter website

sudo echo "deb intrepid main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.listand

sudo echo "deb-src…

Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.6: Easily Configure and Tweak your Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Tweak a druid based application that allows you to configure various aspects of your Ubuntu Desktop easily and tweak number of settings, is out with new version. Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.6 introduces some new features and has number of important bug fixes. If you remember I had written a short write up about Ubuntu Tweak close to an year back and In this article I would try to divulge bit more details of Ubuntu Tweak.


Like most applications available on Ubuntu , it is relatively simple to install Ubuntu Tweak on your system. Open Terminal from (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal ) and issue the following command:


sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-tweak_0.4.6-1%7Eintrepid1_all.deb

Note: The above installation instructions are for Ubuntu 8.10 - Intrepid Ibex

Once you have installed Ubuntu Tweak , you can launch Ubuntu Tweak from Applications -> System Tools -> Ubuntu Tweak . The first time…