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Things to do on your new Ubuntu 8.04 Hard Heron Installation

Ubuntu 8.04 was released a few days back and like the previous releases of Ubuntu,Ubuntu 8.04 does not include a number of essential codecs, applications etc because of number of licensing restrictions and also the limitation of accommodating more and more applications on a single CD. Though undoubtedly Ubuntu 8.04 is one of the most user friendly release of Ubuntu with inclusion of Firefox 3 (though it is beta version but still is way better than the current stable version of Firefox) ,inclusion of bit-torrent client , out of box support for playing youtube videos etc . Still someone trying to make the jump from Windows to Ubuntu might be interested in installing the following applications and codecs too .

(Note : This article is updated version of the article i had written earlier "Creating your Ultimate Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop " )
1. Putting your repositories in order

Now many applications need additional repositories to be installed or some to be enabled in Synaptic pack…

Review : gOS 2.0 Beta

I have been using Linux for close to a decade now.Even though there has been a tremendous growth in the desktop Linux with maturing of the KDE and Gnome Desktop and availability of a number of really good desktop Linux application over these years. Somehow most of the Linux distributions have felt very similar and well there hasn't been anything radically different about them (Though there has been few exceptions like RedHat and it's Bluecurve , Novell Desktop , Lindows , Xandros , Symphony OS , Ubuntu(Extremely Simple and Free CD's :) ) etc though most of these distro's never gained enough momentum (Ubuntu is an Exception though) ) .

gOS is one such Linux distribution( developed by "Good OS LLC', a Los Angeles-based corporation" ) that has been attracting a lot of attention lately because of it's intergration of Web based applications (Particularly Google ones which made many people to interpret it as Google OS) with Linux desktop . Havin…