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Displaying Resolution Correctly on WideScreen Laptop

Displaying Resolution Correctly on WideScreen Laptop Recently I made a switch from a IBM based 14” laptop to Compaq 15.1” Widescreen laptop. I had never experienced any type of difficulty in running fedora on my old laptop right up to Fedora Core 5. But Fixing screen Resolution on my WideScreen laptop turned out to be a very tiring effort. I wanted to set my screen resolution to 1280x800 which was the highest resolution that was supported but even after setting numerous times from the Graphical Display tool that came preinstalled I was unable to change the resolution it always reverted back to 1024x768 resolution . I tried changing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file manually but even this did not work so after quiet a bit of googling around I found a solution to my problem and here it is. First i changed the Display to a Generic LCD Panel 1280x800 after changing this is what my xorg.conf file looked like # Xorg configuration created by system-config-display Section "ServerLayout&q