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Eye Candy: Make your Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop look like Mac OS X with Mac4Lin and AWN

I had written post earlier about how you can transform your Ubuntu Desktop into looking like Mac OS X, it become instant hit and to this day I get number of people looking for information about transforming their Ubuntu desktop to look like Mac OS X, and hence I decided to write an updated tutorial. Macbuntu is one alternative, though at the time of writing this post I could not find Macbuntu version for Ubuntu 11.04 and forcefully installing Macbuntu have lead to stability issues and hence I would avoid this approach.

The desktop should somewhat resemble interface of MacOS X, after following the below mentioned steps.

I would be assuming that you are using Ubuntu Classic here and not Unity, I have found Unity to be extremely irritating to work with and I dislike it very much. You can switch to Ubuntu classic by changing to Ubuntu Classic in GDM screen.

Mac4Lin is made by GTK Developer Anirudh Acharya, with the aim of bringing Aqua user interface to POSIX based platform, in simpler wor…