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Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Linux on Steroids

Ubuntu 7.10 was released a few days back and being an avid and passionate user of Ubuntu Linux i downloaded the distribution on my slow college internet connection , It took me over 30 hours to download the distribution [:(] So i was really looking forward to the new Ubuntu 7.10 and here is the review of the Linux distribution :- Ubuntu is one of the better known Linux distribution , that is making mark on the desktop front from the deal with Dell to topping distrowatch there have been ominous sign that Ubuntu could actually challenge likes of Mac OS and Windows on the desktop . Ubuntu 7.10 is one step forward in this direction . It is probably one of the most polished Linux distribution that is very well supported by community on the internet . Ubuntu 7.10 builds on previous releases and adds new features , functionality, features ,customization that truly make it a interesting desktop Linux distribution to try. Installation : - I have been using a really old laptop (Ce

Freespire 2.0 - Newbie Friendly Linux Distribution

Freespire was released back in July 2006 as Linux Distribution that provided out of box support for Multimedia codecs , was user friendly , had a easy application installation system and best of all was free . Now Linspire has been in the Desktop Linux business for a number of years they even had to change their name from Lindows to Linspire after a lawsuit from Microsoft which was settled with Microsoft paying Lindows 20 Million US$ and now since Linspire has been in desktop Linux business for a number of years and Freespire is community open source version of Linspire so it's natural to expect freespire to be extremely user friendly and to a extent it's true too . 1. Installation : - Freespire comes on a single cd (ISO 680 MB in size) and has an option for booting into Live CD mode as well as a straight forward installation . Now if you are unsure whether you really want to install Freespire you could try running Freespire in Live CD mode initially (which is highly