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Google Desktop on Ubuntu Linux 7.04

Google Desktop on Ubuntu Linux 7.04

Google Recently released their popular search tool Google Desktop on the Linux platform , till now it was only available on Windows and Mac OS X . Now Google Desktop allows one to full text search of a user's e-mail, computer files, music, photos, chat, and Web pages viewed,OpenOffice documents , PDF files and more .
Now similar tools already existed on Linux like beagle (supported by novell ) , meta tracker etc . However Google Desktop search is not based on any of these tools and uses its proprietary algorithms to search for files on the computer ,also being 1.0 release and more stable then these products it could be preferred over tools like beagle .

Here is text taken from Google Desktop site on how it works : -

You have lots of information on your computer, and you see a lot more on the web. With Google Desktop, whenever you look at a web page, read an email or edit a file, Desktop indexes that item and copies its contents into your local cac…

Software Download of the Week : GIMPshop

GIMPShop : - An Alternative to Adobe Photoshop on Linux

If you are Graphics Designer and moving from Windows to Linux and want to use Linux for Graphics editing there are basically two options available to you : -
You can use Codeweaver Crossover Office to run Adobe Photoshop on Linux
Use free Linux native application GIMP/GIMPShop instead
Now while most people would prefer the first option since learning new application takes a significant amount of time , however this option has disadvantages first of all both Crossover Office and Adobe Photoshop are commercial product and would require you to purchase licenses and secondly Windows applications running on Linux are not very stable , yes people claim they work flawlessly but i have found that they are somewhat unstable especially when it involves a lot of computation , and photoshop is very resource hungry application .

Now for second option , Gimp or GNU Image Manipulation Program-GIMP is a raster graphic application with support for v…

Over 16 Small Games For Ubuntu Linux

Over 16 Small Games For Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular Linux distribution , it is especially popular among Linux newbies and windows refuges . Now Ubuntu Linux does come with a descent set of applications , still there is a scope for including some more quality applications and especially games . Now in this tutorial i will show you how to install a large number of small , easy and less resource hungry games on Ubuntu Linux with screen-shots of games .

1. Rocks 'n' Diamonds

Rocks 'n' Diamonds is a Boulderd*sh game for X11 with more than just the falling rocks and diamonds of its namesake. The object is still to collect all the diamonds (and emeralds), then get to the exit before time runs out. But your character must make use of bombs, spaceships, and many other elements in order to fill his quota of jewels.

Installation : -

Type the following command in the terminal window