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Organize your documents and Research papers with Mendeley

Mendeley Desktop is a free desktop application(and web service ?) aimed at helping you organize and manage your collection of documents and research papers, primarily aimed at researchers Mendeley allows one to create a bibliography database of the research papers and documents.Mendeley is strongly integrated with the web and through a service named Mendeley Web allows you to upload 500MB(for a free account) of documents online to your account , allowing you to access them freely from any place. Mendeley was founded in London and its working team includes , former chairman of "" , founding engineers of Skype and people from some of the better universities of the world. Mendeley, though is not open source but is available for Windows, Mac OS X and the Linux operating systems. If you have used , which to an extent has revolutionized music social networking(if that term even exists that is) ,allowing you to find tracks that you might like based on your playl