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Review : KDE 4.1 - Next Gen Linux Desktop

KDE was one of the first desktop environment I used when I started using Linux Back In 1998 , KDE was just out of beta and KDE Team had released 1.0 version of the Desktop Environment. At that time KDE was a revolution on the Unix platform, other desktop environment like CDE etc though were extremely good as desktop manager, but were not user friendly and there was non-existent interaction between different applications running atop these Window Manager.The applications running atop these Window Managers felt alike and disconnected from each other.

Over the past decade I have been a distro-junkie, jumping from one distribution to other and from one desktop environment to other.However ,over the past couple of years I have spent most of my time on Gnome (another popular desktop environment that was born because of licensing issues about QT, a framework KDE uses internally) because it was much faster compared to KDE and there was nothing radically different in KDE that gnome did not …