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Oracle VirtualBox 3.2

Oracle VM VirtualBox(formerly called Sun VirtualBox before take over of Sun by Oracle) is one of the better known , cross platform virtualization solution for enterprises and home users. It supports a multitude of hosts and guest operating system and offers an excellent performance and wide feature set.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is available free of cost for personal use and could be easily installed atop GNU/Linux distribution. Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2 released a couple of days back is the first releases of VirtualBox software after acquisition of Sun by Oracle and offers a number of bug-fixes and new features over the previous versions.

Some of the major changes in VirtualBox 3.2 include -

Storage I/O subsystem – VirtualBox 3.2 offers a completely re-worked virtual disk subsystem which utilizes asynchronous I/O to achieve high-performance whilst maintaining high data integrityIn-hypervisor Networking – Significant optimization of the networking subsystem has reduced context switching …