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Downloading and Converting YouTube Videos for Mobile Phones

Viewing, Downloading, Converting YouTube Video Files
Youtube is one the popular social networking website , but unlike Google Videos which include link for downloading videos Youtube provides no such link here in this article we try to look at ways of downloading videos on to hard disk , Playing them and converting them to a format suitable for them to be played on Mobile Phones . All these would be done underLinux.

Tools needed : -
For converting video from FLV format to 3GP (To be used to be played on mobile phones) following tools are needed : -
1. MPlayer (with all associated libraries installed)
2. FFmpeg source code
3. Active Internet Connection

Downloading Videos from YouTube There are number of ways of downloading videos form youtube

1. Youtube-dl script : -
There is a handy python script called youtube-dl that can download videos from the youtube website and works as a Linux console application . The script can be found here : -


Playing Audio/Video Files under Linux


A large number of Linux Distributions these days including Fedora,Ubuntu,Kubuntu etc which have become quiet popular and are increasingly being accepted by the Desktop Users lack proper support for playing the popular Audio/Video Formats right out of the box mainly because of certain patent and royalty issue . The issue of no cross platform file compatibility has been robbing common users of ability to display files and this has been one of the major reason for slow adaption of Linux on the Desktop Front. The case isn't that the Linux dosent support these formats but is not intentionally added to the Linux distribution because of legal reasons. However with a bit of tweaking/installing applications it is possible to run these files in the Linux Operating system . Here in this article we look at playing various Audio/Video format on the Linux Operating System. The system on which these have been tried is a Fedora Core 6 based distribution howev…