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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Linux on Desktop : The Journey so far

First of all an Introduction, I am Ambuj Varshney, I have recently graduated with bachelors in Information and Communication Technology and for the past two years I have been working on Wireless Sensor Network and Embedded Systems.  I started Linux on Desktop close to five years ago.
I have been an ardent follower of GNU/Linux for close to eleven years now, and things have changed significantly over the past decade, from an operating system for hackers and programmers and being used on servers and potentially something that could be used on Desktops, GNU/Linux has matured into a credible desktop operating system, while conventional desktop usage might still linger around 2-3%, Google Android based  on GNU/Linux is widely used on Tablets/Smartphones which I believe are an extension and to some extent future of desktops.

Linux on Desktop started in 2006 as a hobby to make GNU/Linux on desktop more accessible to people not familiar with Linux. There were very few good source of information providing information about Desktop Linux in a manner that could be easily understood by novices. However, As Linux became popular, many blogs popped up offering easy to understand information about using Linux on Desktop, owing to my commitments at University I could not manage this blog and I stopped updating it (which I regret till now).

However,  I have realized this was a mistake, and I am trying to come to terms to changes that have happend in GNU/Linux landscape, the fundamentals remains the same, being POSIX based system, GNOME, KDE, XWindow etc. I will try my best to keep this blog updated from now on.

Aditionally, social networks have also become popular means of remaining in touch with your favorite websites, Google+ and Facebook, being the two most popular ones.

I have created page for Linux on Desktop on the two social networks, and you can remain connected with Linux on Desktop through these as well.

The link being :

Google+ : Linux on Desktop on Google+

Facebook : Linux on Desktop on Facebook

Here hoping you will enjoy reading new posts, as you have done over the past 5 years.

Ambuj Varshney