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Ubuntu Ultimate 1.6: Review - A Feature Rich Newbies friendly Desktop Linux distro

Ubuntu is undoubtedly one of the most popular Linux distributions , it is popular with geeks as well as Linux newbies and even big computer cos like Dell are shipping their laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled . However Ubuntu usually comes in a single cd(and i guess there is a DVD version too haven't tried it :( ) so it comes with pretty limited number of applications and because of licensing restrictions it comes with a number of codecs , drivers for hardware devices missing .

Now installing applications on Linux has been one of the most difficult part for the Linux newbies though things have been changing with simplified installation procedures but still most of the Linux newbies find installing applications tad difficult . So well Ubuntu Ultimate 1.6 plays a role to resolve this issue "Ubuntu Ultimate " which as the name suggests comes with all kind of applications , codecs , drivers preinstalled out of the box and is based on solid Ubuntu 7.10 distribution hence o…

Installing KDE 4 on your Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Gibbon(with lots of screenshots)

KDE 4 was released a few days back and well KDE 4.0.0 is one of the major releases of KDE . It has a number of new features that could revolutionize the entire Desktop Linux scenario . KDE4 has been in development for some time now , and well it is out now . It includes entirely new set of softwares and framework like
Phonon - Multimedia API Solid - hardware API in KDE 4 new desktop and panel user interface tool, called Plasma, which supports desktop widgets Oxygen - Rich Icon Set etc .So here are the instructions to actually installing KDE 4 on your Ubuntu Gusty (7.10) Desktop : -

Adding KDE 4 Repositories : -

Type int he following command as an administrator/superuse(with root account logged in)

sudo echo "deb gutsy main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
After completing above step type :

sudo apt-get updateand after completing above step type in the following command to start the installation process of KDE 4 (on my sy…

Couple of Interesting Linux Links - Issue 1

Hey since i don't get time to actually write articles these days on my blog(Well am in Undergrad college right now doing Bachelor of Technology course in Information and Communication Technology ) so well i guess i would in the meantime post good links related to Desktop Linux frequently on my blog hope you people find them interesting and useful :)

Review of EEE Laptop PC

Asus EEE laptop in past few weeks has received lots of press coverage and well has been selling like hot cakes . It's a compact laptop that sells around 400 $ and well comes with linux loaded .

Here is the review of laptop

and here is the site of the Asus EEE laptop PC

Some More Links about Asus EEE PC

Asus Says Eee PC is Most Successful Product Ever

Simple, tiny computers forcing Microsoft to make changes

Interview with Richard Stallman

Here is a nice interview with Richard Stallman that appeared in a popular indian newspaper .

Digital Colonisation curtailing right to creativity

Reasons why Schools should use f…