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Wbar - Attractive lightweight application launcher for Desktop Linux

Its been some time since I have posted anything on my blog, which has to do a lot with my hectic study schedule. In case you still enjoy reading posts on my blog , mail me @ blogambuj( at {no spam} ) with :) as subject line. This , should be encouragement enough for me to keep writing and updating this blog more frequently.

Anyway, earlier in one of my posts I had reviewed Avant Window navigator which provided Mac OS X like dock bar. Also , I had reviewed gOS some time back, it had wonderful application launcher at the bottom iBar. Now, in this post I discuss extremely lite,attractive and modern looking application launcher wbar. wbar is very similar to gOS iBar. Even though I don't particularly like writing about eye candy, still, considering the number of emails I get from people requesting more of such posts, I am going to write about this one.

Wbar is an extremely good looking application launcher(Note: It is a application launcher and not a dock) and provides an…