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Monday, January 14, 2008

Couple of Interesting Linux Links - Issue 1

Hey since i don't get time to actually write articles these days on my blog(Well am in Undergrad college right now doing Bachelor of Technology course in Information and Communication Technology ) so well i guess i would in the meantime post good links related to Desktop Linux frequently on my blog hope you people find them interesting and useful :)

Review of EEE Laptop PC

Asus EEE laptop in past few weeks has received lots of press coverage and well has been selling like hot cakes . It's a compact laptop that sells around 400 $ and well comes with linux loaded .

Here is the review of laptop

and here is the site of the Asus EEE laptop PC

Some More Links about Asus EEE PC

Asus Says Eee PC is Most Successful Product Ever

Simple, tiny computers forcing Microsoft to make changes

Interview with Richard Stallman

Here is a nice interview with Richard Stallman that appeared in a popular indian newspaper .

Digital Colonisation curtailing right to creativity

Reasons why Schools should use free software

The article by Richar M Stallman the founder of GNU Free Software Movement discusses reasons why schools should be using free software as opposed to commercial proprietary softwares

Why schools should exclusively use free software


A few days back the much anticipated KDE 4 was released among much fanfare . KDE 4 has been in development for some time and has some really revolutionary features that's sure to propel desktop linux to new era in coming time .

Here is the link to the visual guide of KDE 4 .

Or if you want to try KDE 4 , here is the OpenSuse 10.3 based Live CD of KDE 4.

and here is the instructions on installing kde 4 on kubuntu/ubuntu .

and here is a nice review of KDE 4 from some one running KDE 4 on Ubuntu gusty gibbon

and Finally Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course

OK folks the long awaited Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course is ready, waiting and all yours for the taking! Thanks to all the community members who slogged over writing, reviewing, editing, proof reading and fixing the layout. This is just the beginning of the project which we hope will live and evolve with each new Ubuntu release. Yours to develop, enhance and branch off to your heart's content! There are 10 lessons in total. The course is modular - 2 days if all lessons are covered, however, topics and lessons can be selected as required. There are 2 versions of the course: an Instructor Guide, and a student guide

Here is the Students guide to the Desktop Course

and Here is the Instructor's guide to the Desktop Course

Article Written by : Ambuj Varshney (
For Desktop on Linux Blog ,
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