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Thursday, July 20, 2006

NTFS , Adobe Acrobat Reader,Real Player Fedora Core 5

1. Installing NTFS Support : -

1. Log in to linux in Super User mode or do so by typing "su" command at the console

2. Type "uname -rm" at the console to know the kernel version and processor type.

3. Go to the website "" and download the RPM package for NTFS driver relevant to your Linux kernel .

4. After downloading the driver go to the directory where you have downloaded the RPM directory and type "rpm -ivh kernel-module-ntfs-2.6.XX-XXXXXXXX.rpm" to install the driver.

5. Make a directory where you would like to have NTFS partition mounted Ex:- if you would like to have it mounted at /windows "mkdir /windows" .

6. type "/sbin/fdisk -l" to view available partitions and NTFS partion drive number

7. now edit /etc/fstab file using gedit and add line "/dev/hda1 /windows ntfs ro,defaults,umask=0222 0 0" at the end of the file replace /dev/hda1 with your ntfs partition as displayed by fdisk and /windows with your directory which you would like to mount ntfs volume onto.

8. Restart the linux to see change

2. Installing Real Player 10 and Adobe Acrobat Reader

1. Fedora Core 5 uses GCC 4.1 , Now many applications including Real player 10 and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 requires GCC 3.2 as they were compiled on these libraries hence for compatibility installation of this library is necessary.

GCC 3.2 Can be found on CD-3 of Fedora Core 5 , DVD or online

2. These Files are
compat-libstdc -33
compat-libstdc -296

3. To Install it using automatic yum package manager type" yum install compat-libstdc -33 compat-libstdc -296" after logging in Super User mode or after "su " at console

4. The library can also be downloaded as rpm from " -33-3.2.3-55.fc5.i386.html" After downloading it can be installed as "rpm -ivh compatXXXXXX.rpm" after logging in super user mode.

5. After installing GCC 3.2 Library. Go to "" Download real player package and install it using "rpm -ivh RealXXXX.rpm" after logging inSuper User mode

6. Similarly install Adobe Acrobat Reader by downloading rpm package from "" and using rpm to install the package


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