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Cool Desktop Linux Applications(Part 1) : Internet and networking applications

Desktop Linux has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and with this there has also been tremendous growth in number of applications relevant for desktop use available . Now most of the Linux distributions because of either space constraint or well because of licensing issue do not include many really cool applications .

Now through these series of articles i try to help you install some really cool applications on your desktop Linux installation . Now since Ubuntu is one of the most widely used and user friendly desktop Linux distribution , i have included instructions here on how to install applications on your Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty gibbon installation (though all the applications should work flawlessly in other distribution too with little modification to installation instruction ) .

In this first part of the series we look at some really neat applications that could help you improve your internet browsing experience and your networking experience .

Step 1 : - Enabling Additi…

Viewing CHM files in Linux (With installation instructions for Ubuntu )

CHM or Microsoft compiled HTML Help is a format developed by Microsoft for online help . Most of the documentation in Windows platform is in chm file format , also these days most of the ebooks available on the internet are either available in the chm file format or pdf file format .

Now most of the distributions do not ship tools and libraries for viewing chm files by default since it is a proprietary format used by Microsoft Products , So if you want to read a ebooks which are in chm file format you have to install third party tools and libraries . In this short tutorial i try to describe how to install some of the tools for viewing CHM files on your Ubuntu desktop :

1. Gnochm

Gnochm is a gnome based chm viewer that has the following features : -

* Support for external ms-its links
* Full text search support
* Bookmarks
* Configurable support for HTTP links
* Integrated with GNOME2
* Support for multiple languages
* Support to open multiple files at once

To install gnochm issue the fo…