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FireFox: A Refreshing Change

Mozilla Firefox - A Refreshing Alternative to IE
Part - I (Introduction)
Microsoft Internet Explorer have been the dominant web browser for past few years. Initially it had competition from Netscape Navigator but the scene quickly changed with Microsoft's marketing and bundling of IE with Windows operating system and soon it became dominant web browser on desktop with Netscape Navigator having negligible share . But with dominance the past few years have seen little new innovative features in the IE with Microsoft trying to fix leaky IE instead. Bugs and security fixes have become way too common and spywares and adwares have been trying all hard to make IE a miserable experience,making people scream for alternatives. Mozilla Firefox Provides them with a perfect alternative to their IE woes and Providing features that makes browsing a truly pleasureful experience. Further it works seamlessly on Linux,Macs and number of other operating system.

Mozilla Firefox began with an effort …

Review of XFCE

First Impression:- XFCE

My experience of using Linux on my Desktop goes back 6 years with kde v 1.0 at that time it was considered quiet revolutionary because it was a mojor upgrade to the FVWM or other window managers that were usually shipped with Linux distro's at that time. Though it was still lacking some of the usefull features of kde as in today's KDE 3.5 but it was at least usable and quiet zippy even at those days 166 Mhz 32 Mb ram Pentium computers. But with releases as KDE has matured it's functionality has increased ,it's User Interface has become more trendy and a lot of features have been added but all this has made it quiet slow ,sluggish at times even on descent quality hardware it takes upto 30 seconds to start the older hardware arequiet out of the equation.
So my search begain for a good Window Manager for my old Celeron 1.4 Ghz 256 MB RAM IBM laptop,running on fedora core 4 . On…